Success Story: Azure Lorica


In 2009, a group of young artists produced a Play in North Hollywood, CA. They had been producing theatre plays since 2005, and had only known themselves as StarGazerZ Productions. After so many years of service to their audience, they felt incorporating was inevitable. The question was: For Profit or Nonprofit?

Eugene Cordell & Company had the pleasure of aiding these youthful group to build their brand into a wonderful charity called Azure Lorica. Renaming was an improvement they had intended, but to become a 501c3 for Theatre Arts was ours. They had more volunteers that wished to continue aiding their productions, and the group was stronger in community services. We believed that their success would grow with the help of grants, and with proper advisors, they could reach a sustainable business model that can flourish anywhere they toured in California.


Today, Azure Lorica celebrates it’s 8th Anniversary, as a producer of festivals, radio plays, and much more. Volunteers around the world participate in their cause, online and locally, at events and projects. They operate with three main Committees, and their Theatre Director, Stefanie Warner, holds office as their Executive Director.

We are proud to have been part of their journey, and look forward to their next production.

For more information, please visit:


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