Success Story: Fallen American MIA Repatriation Foundation

When exploring for World War II airplanes, one doesn’t always succeed in finding an entire fleet under the ice. Jim Salazar came to us with a challenge: to build an organization, versatile enough to manage Donors in the U.S., while he and his crew scour Greenland for WWII American MIA soldiers. It was a challenge we were honored to aid in.

Creating an organization to relocate frozen bodies from a foreign country took a little bit of organizing. The Coast Guards in Greenland had paperwork that slowed down excavation, which led to more time wasted. In order to procure the well being of the team, we had to choose where corporation needed to be, and how they would be able to manage their volunteers. We began with a local structure for their Supporters, as a nonprofit. Being a unique choice of operation, we represented them for settling their 501 application, while they proceeded with their excavation under their new nonprofit organization.

Today, the Fallen American MIA Repatriation Foundation have two programs to manage their excavations and educate students to join their cause, as Volunteers and Advocates. Operating in Pasadena, CA, they connect with military families who await for their great great grandfathers to return, honored as the late veterans deserving to rest in their homeland, at last.

To learn more, visit them:


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