Success Story: Karen Knotts

Creating a brand is one thing, but keeping a legacy alive, well, things get a little funny there…literally. Karen Knotts keeps her Father’s legacy alive, Don Knotts – an Actor and Comedian best known for the Andy Griffith Show – by making appearances at festivals, for interviews and live panels. She so happens to be a Stand Up Comedian too. The complication occurred when the daughter of Don Knotts and Karen Knotts the Comedian collided online.

The gigs conflicted a tad bit often.

To simplify this, we played with By gathering her mailing list, we were able to divide the guests according to their industry. From there, Karen Knotts was able to manage her East Coast and West Coast connections via online. We changed the language between the festivals and stand up gigs, and used separate social media accounts to portray the image she needs for each persona. The consultation was fun, to say the least.

Today, Karen Knotts flies to several states across the U.S., for every gig she’s been booked for. Her business has been thriving, and encourages anyone that enjoys her work to follow her online:


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