Success Story: FanFilm Awards

Azure Lorica wanted to build a film festival in Los Angeles, specifically for fanfilms. The size didn’t matter to them, the idea was to give the filmmakers what they actually want: to be recognized as Artists. They were working with a shoe string budget, and we were brought in as specialists, to strategize a business plan for the indie film fest. The challenge was fun for us, especially when Azure Lorica was also a 501c3 charity organization.

We were able to speak with the producers, and set them up with an easy plan: market for ticket sales, submissions, and sponsorships. The project went smoothly with the aid of Pasadena Central Library’s free community rooms, and Dupar’s Restaurant and Bakery’s space. By merely printing the backdrop, inviting the Press, and using propped lighting, this theatre company was able to build the impossible.

Today, the FanFilm Awards is a Pasadena tradition. Attending members come from around the world, to bring home a carved sword, as their trophy. FanFilm Awards became Azure Lorica’s main revenue, and has proven that simplicity is best.


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