Success Story: Ninja-Con

Stefanie Warner, the CEO of Azure Lorica came to us for business advice. Her art festival, Ninja-Con, was attracting a very small niche, and her company’s expenses were not matching her festival’s revenue. The event looked amazing with the Press, and the space was majestic in its presentation. I couldn’t help but question Mme. Warner’s issue with Ninja-Con, and she presented to me her company’s annual report.

From what we learned from analyzing it, the festival ran for four years, and the brand had already built up its notoriety. Although the source of it’s survival rested upon ticket sales alone, a revenue that lasted only two seasons. To aid its rent, Azure Lorica produced a second festival that curated independent films. FanFilm Awards made more profit in its humble size of sixty attendees annually, than the five thousand of Ninja-Con’s, that I requested for an Executive decision from the Director, herself.

Mme. Warner, after much discussion, veered towards an economical route. As Ninja-Con’s brand was the most valuable entity in the company, she decided with our recommended option: trademarking. Since the festival may fluctuate in revenue, seasonally, to deter from relying heavily on other means of income, the trademark would make for great merchandising opportunities, and allow the brand to build its worth, especially if or when the festival became too expensive to produce – as most local festivals tend to do in Los Angeles County.


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