How To Strategize Your Brand

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to stay protected and build your Brand. No one appreciates your products and services more than you, but that shouldn’t mean that it can’t be enjoyed by everyone else. I’m sure you’ve had the fear of plagarism, copyright infringement, and many other issues with intellectual property, but that can all be remedied with a few strategic steps in business:

  1. Design Your Brand
    People are impressed by a logo or mascot, illustrated published on a website, a t-shirt, and/or business cards. The brand represents your business, it builds recognition and a touchable image of your products and services. [Design Now]
  2. Trademark Your Brand
    It doesn’t matter whether you’re already incorporated or just a sole proprietor, you can always Trademark your name, logo, and slogan. It protects you nation wide, no matter which industry it’s in. You can use your trademark on any product you make, and protect other items, such as, music, shirts, or any other thing your company produces, under it’s umbrella. And if you get tired of it, you can always lease the Trademarked Brand, and earn income without labor. Once your brand is trademarked, you can send a “Cease and desist” notice to everyone that’s using the same trademark, or else be sued (if you wish). [Trademark Now]
  3. Incorporate Your Company
    And speaking of lawsuits, in case you’re worried about liability, incorporating would be the next best step for your Brand. Not only would the problems be transferred to the company, rather than yourself (because bankruptcy and character defamation takes a terrible toll on you), the chances of revitalizing your finances and image would speed nearly ten times the time and effort it would take if done as a sole proprietor. This way, you can liquidate assets, sign items as a Loss, and even sell stocks to sustain your business. Let’s not forget about how much insurance can manage half your problems afterwards… [Incorporate Now]
  4. Publish, Publish, Publish!
    And just in case your Brand hasn’t earned the respect it deserves: publish, publish, publish! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a company is doing business with a business card, but publishing a book, getting attention from the Press, posting on Instagram, and blogging on your own .com website gives you monolithic prestige. People respect a printed uniform and flyers – image is everything. It’s so effective that even unprotected bootleggers gain fame from this devious method of marketing. It’s devilishly perfect for the Brand worth the notice. [Get Published]
  5. Represent Like Nobody’s Business
    When your revenues are up, but you can’t keep up with the demand, it’s always best to hire employees to represent your Brand. It sounds expensive, but people influence people better than any video advertisement – especially when their uniform is your Brand. It works for Starbucks™, it works for Disney™, and it will work for your Brand. [Print Your Brand]